Japanese weird…

9 10 2014

Beautiful foreigner walking polar bear in Shibuya

Cai Guo-Qiang’s Animal instinct

1 09 2014

A few years ago I was amazed to see (online) artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s 99 flying wolves for the piece “Head On”.

Last year he returned with another stunning installation in – of all places, Brisbane. “Falling Back to Earth” – a surreal lagoon surrounded by 99 animals drinking, was staged as part of the city’s impressive Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (an event which Monocle magazine claimed had landed the city for the first time on the world cultural calendar).

Certainly, this piece is impressive.

Bugging out

28 06 2014

The turtles’ dream

2 03 2014

Plastic turtles hatching at the small (and I thought, rather mediocre) art exhibition ” I Didn’t Come here and I Ain’t Leaving” by great cinematographer Christopher Doyle (the man behind the ravishing visuals of the best of Wong Kar Wai’s classics and Pen-ek Ratanaruang’s contemplative Thai films).

Definitely not his best work.

Its on at the Agnes B Gallery on Hollywood Road.

Cat and … deer

2 03 2014

Cold nights, cold blood

22 02 2014

Chilly nights, according to Cantonese tradition, are the perfect time for snake soup. In keeping with the ancient Chinese philosophy that food contain either “hot” or “cooling” properties, snake is considered the hottest meat, perfect to warm you up on a Winter night.

With this in mind, my boyfriend took me over the weekend to “Ser Wong Fun”, or “Snake King Fun”, a hundred-year old and well-regarded snake restaurant located, surprisingly, right under the escalator to Soho. I have walked past it so many times and never realised what it was.

Perfect for a (tasty) and piping hot snake with lemongrass soup, before a mango daiquiri dessert at nearby friend-of-a-friend’s basement bar, Medusa.

Winters aren’t all bad.

Chimera world

29 01 2014

These incredible hybrid taxidermy “sculptures” are both beautiful and wildly imaginative and disturbingly grotesque – all the more when you know that the artist, Enrique Gomez da Molina is currently serving a 20 month sentence for illegally dealing in endangered wildlife products.

Different animals – hornbills, cats, lorises, lizards – are stitched together, sometimes with a frolicking retinue of insects and beetles. The walrus head above is covered with the irridscent green shells of thousands of beetles. See more of the pieces, including an incredible beetle-wing-covered rhino head, here:


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