…and in Bangkok.

30 11 2014

A guerilla art project to illuminate the Sathorn Unique ghost tower in blood red (above) and an exhibition of skulls (below):

Go to Hell

22 11 2014

The latest in an entertaining series of youtube-episodes of “Queer as fuck”, a slice of Thai life presented by drag queen Pangina Heals. I’m a fan of both the host(ess) and the Hell Gardens she visits in this episode. Read more about them on the blog here.

Bangkok Art Now

8 11 2014

I’m currently looking forward to a trip to Bangkok in December – its been almost a year since I was last back in my favourite city. As always there is quite a lot going on there, including in the eclectic and often-interesting Thai art scene. Sadly I will just miss the exhibitions below (although one interesting show, Maitree Siriboon’s “Disco Lotus,” will still be on when I arrive). But I’ll miss “Gang bang”, a show of works of “erotic art” by local artists at the Toot Yung Gallery (picture above), as well as a joint show by four transgender photographers being held in Chinatown complete with a Vietnamese food van. Because what goes better with transexual art than banh mi? This is why I love Bangkok.

Finally there is also the Rousseau-influenced exhibition below called “Jungle of Form, Colour and Tempo” by Kanakorn Kashashiva (or alternatively, Knkorn Kachacheewa.)

Bangkok Idol

8 11 2014

Bangkok has no shortage of fabulous life and fashion inspirations, ladies who embrace kitsch and do it with style: Gene Kasidit, Madam Mon, internet star แม่บ้านมีหนวด and the 72 year old “socialite” Sunmanee Gunkasem (pictured above and below) whose Dolly Parton-meets-Imelda Marcos excesses have been profiled previously on the blog here.

And now there is another name on the block: welcome Pangina Heals (yes, seriously) a drag artiste (she performs on Sundays at Maggie Choo’s) and is host(ess) of her own youtube series.

I hung out with her once at a party and enjoyed it – she is articulate, confident and super-fun and so is her series.

Pongsakul Chalao’s Sub-Suk

1 11 2014

I absolutely love this: shades-of-grey oil paintings of Sukhumvit, the Bangkok artery that does double time as main street and outer circle of Dante’s hell, painted on – get this – old jeans! The works are from the exhibition Sub-Suk by Pongsakul Chalao at Bangkok’s Brownstone Gallery, opening November 7th.

Halloween Happy(land)

1 11 2014

Just in time for Halloween, the wonderful Coconouts Bangkok website has published a translation of this Thai article explaining the forgotten history of one of the city’s first theme parks, named Happy Land. This was a  place where numerous children died and, it claims, disappeared. The park has long since closed but its name lives on in the macabrely ironic name of the housing estate built in its place and in the remaining faux-medieval castle that I stumbled upon once in the Bangkok suburb of Lad Phrao, host (perhaps fittingly) to a festival of “sad music”.

Read the original article in English here.

Lagos X Bangkok = funk

27 09 2014

Last night in the Thai capital – a Nigerian funk night organised by the always interesting DJ Maft Sai from Zudrangma. I would have loved to have been there! I wonder what the crowd was like – Thai/expat hipsters or Nana wideboys?


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