HK protesters invoke the Mandate of Heaven

12 10 2014

Democracy protesters in Hong Kong have sneakily appropriated a powerful supernatural ally to their cause – the God of War, Guan Yu. The red-faced, blade-wielding diety is the traditional protector of both the police and interestingly, the Triads, but protesters have set up a small make-shift altar to the god of their opponents, calling for him to come to their side. Posters of the god carrying a yellow umbrella, symbol of the democracy movement, have also popped up around Mongkok.

The cartoon above features Guan Yu asking a bewildered Jesus “you are here too?” to which Christ replies that “(Christian government minister) Carrie Lam called me, I had to come”.

Chimera world

29 01 2014

These incredible hybrid taxidermy “sculptures” are both beautiful and wildly imaginative and disturbingly grotesque – all the more when you know that the artist, Enrique Gomez da Molina is currently serving a 20 month sentence for illegally dealing in endangered wildlife products.

Different animals – hornbills, cats, lorises, lizards – are stitched together, sometimes with a frolicking retinue of insects and beetles. The walrus head above is covered with the irridscent green shells of thousands of beetles. See more of the pieces, including an incredible beetle-wing-covered rhino head, here:

Dead duck

4 11 2013

Brace yourselves – the duck is dead!

The giant rubber duck that has been enthralling much of the Chinese speaking world (and this blog) exploded this week (EXPLODED!!) during its stop in Taiwan.

Following an earthquake, the duck’s air supply was cut off and “rescue workers” overzealously re-pumped the 18 metre high inflatable artwork too quickly, leading to a rupture.

The duck’s deflation, following its tabloid-baiting “death” in Hong Kong earlier this year, caused an internet sensation with this photoshopped picture of the mascot in a traditional funeral home doing the rounds under the caption “First victim of the earthquake”.

Asia weird

16 10 2013

China’s Paris.

Vegetarian blood-letting in Thailand.

And Hong Kong’s UFO scare.

Like sand through the hour glass, so the ducks of our lives

30 08 2013

Just when you thought the never-ending saga of Hong Kong’s giant rubber duck was over (its jubilant arrival! its ‘murder’! Its internet censorhip scandal! Its rapidly proliferating bastard-children!) comes this absolutely brilliant postscript. The much-loved icon has now turned up – seemingly dead and roasted – as a Shanghai ferry. I absolutely love the tongue-in-cheek attitude. Cheers for the dead duck!

Zoltar the Magnificent

16 08 2013

Wandering through the streets of the Lower East Side, I came across this: Zoltar the Magnificent, a fortune telling mannequin in a glass case, straight out of a Stephen King novel. For just two dollars the talking, moving Zoltar revealed my future – that for success I should get out of bed earlier.

Thanks for that.

Bag full of heads

12 08 2013

A brilliantly disturbing find on the streets of Chelsea.


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