Guilty escape

12 02 2007

 Pop music is both loved and loathed.To its fans, its three minutes of giddy fun.But to its detractors its inauthentic, devoid of emotion, cynically manufactured and aimed squarely at the lowest common denominator. Pop music, they say, is ruthlessly opposed to any innovation and moored in convention.

So,  Bobby Gillespie seems an unlikley pop hero. He is the maverick rocker behind avante garde-psychadelic- dance- dub-electro-punk-blues band Primal Scream, (one of my personal faves). When asked about his views on music he replied:

“I hate rock fans who are are purists, who see themselves as being better than pop. The thing is, Im on the side of the Kylie and Madonna fans. I dont want some uptight, puritanical person telling me I cant enjoy what I enjoy because its not “intellectual” enough”.

Too right! With this attitude, the concept of a “guilty pleasure” becomes almost redundant. If its a pleasure, why be guilty? Embrace it. Love is the message! So , I proudly strutted around Melbourne as an adult man in my Spice Girls T-shirt.  I bought (and heartlity enjoyed) Dannii Minogue Cds. And yet…still there is a limit.

And this week, I hit that limit. I happened to hear Gwen Stefani`s new song, “Sweet Escape”, and I fell in love. I cannoooot get it out of my head. I listen on the train and imagine dance routines in my head, and smile idiotically despite the fact that it is, undeniably and irredeemably CHEESY – like something that slithered out of 1986 and vommited itself onto the charts. Gwen Stefani is CHEESY and opportunistic, ditching her punk roots and grabbing at whatever sound will bring her success …

And yet, and yet….

who am I to resist…

Listen at your own risk:




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