Happy Birthday Ryu!

18 02 2008

 On Sunday, Shibuya was cold and crowded, and the arthouse movie we were going to see for Ryu’s birthday unexpectedly sold out!Goddamn! So instead, we ended up sipping tea in the cool new “teahouse” in the Loft department store – a funky place with a high ceiling and plate glass windows, exposed vents and twisting pipes, serving all kinds of teas. Then it was off to dinner at La Deux Magots – the Tokyo branch of the famous Paris restaurant. It is located in the Bunkamura (“Culture Hall”) – a department store/theatre/cinema complex that must have been the height of chic when it was built in the 1970s, and still has a quiet, faded charm to it today. Wealthy blue-rinsed ladies were shuffling to the theatres, and bamboo rustled in the quiet concrete coutyard, with its artbook store. The restaurant was cool and retro too – plush seats, duck l’orange (which was really good!) and 50 year old waiters in tuxedos. And you entered over a kind of bridge, looking down into the kitchen.Photobucket  Afterwards we went to check out a new cafe (http://www.shibuyapoint.jp) I had seen from the street the other day, when I was with Bettina and Pieter. Looking up to a second floor window, a painted ceiling and a row of colorful hanging lanterns caught my eye. We went back – with Ryu, Kenji, Taizo, Hiro and some of Ryu’s other friends – and it was a cool place, colorfully painted with funky music, graffitied walls as well as those Moroccan lanterns, right in the heart of the headshops and laughing crowds and blasting reggae music of the love hotel/nightclub district. A cute, kitsch little oasis. Nice!  Photobucket Photobucket It was a fun night, I enjoyed just hanging out with everyone – taking purikura, catching up with Ryu (and Hiro), seeing some new place I had never been to before, the restaurant as well as the cafe. And at the end of the night,  Ryu gave us all “goody bags” of Sassoon haircare products to thank us for coming…hahahaha…too cute! PhotobucketHappy birthday Ryu! 🙂 xx 




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