Tower of Power

21 02 2008

Photobucket The Olympic Tower in Komazawa Park is one of Tokyo’s weirdest structures. Built ( as the name suggests) for the 1964 Olympics, it presides over a  modernist plaza bounded by curving concrete gymnasia and angular reflecting ponds. It is twelve stories of angles, sharp corners and straight lines – kind of funky, but  fascist. It reminds me a lot of the movie “Aeon Flux”, or a spaceage Zoroastrian death tower, or a 1970s Zen pagoda if it were built in Brasilia. And it was here, two years ago, that Daisuke and I had our first “date” – chatting on the benches below. This week, on a freezing cold night, Daisuke called me back there. I had no idea why. There was a glowing full moon and the park was dark and empty except for a couple of teenage boys skating around the plaza, blasting (of all things) tango music from a beatbox. It was all so improbably romantic. And then Daisuke turned up and gave me a present…but its a secret! hahahaha Thanks babe 😉 xx 




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