The random island: Daisuke’s Jeju-do report

2 03 2008

PhotobucketDaisuke returned to Tokyo this week from his work trip to Korea’s Jeju-do Island with a bag full of duty-free cosmetics, a delicious, delicately sweet orange from island’s famous orange groves, and a bunch of amusing photos. The island, though cold, had been quite beautiful he said – sweeping beaches and volcanoes, roads lined with palm trees, hillside orchards, wildflowers and waterfalls. Strange then that a place so rich in natural beauty and culture (the famous women pearl divers, the mini-Easter Island like stone carvings) should feel the need to supplement its charms with such a random, gaudy collection of manmade attractions. On asking the way to the famous sex museum, he was told that actually there are three (!!!) – the infamous Loveland, the Eros museum, and the Museum of Sex and health. As well as a dinosaur park, a Cactus Land, two botanical gardens, a glitzy resort complex with statues of bronze deer and horses frolicking, and a Museum of African Art. Obviously.With so much to choose from, it was hard to pick a clear winner, but Daisuke went for the Teddy Bear Museum – where replicas of famous artworks are displayed,with teddy bears substituted into them. Classy. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Also check out these amusing toilet signs – rear wash and “front wash” with a picture of a lady!




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