Rue Favart

21 07 2008

My last stop was for dinner, at Rue Favart – a beautiful cafe in Ebisu, located right next to the bizarre faux-chateau of Garden Place.

In keeping with the area’s French pretentions, it boasts a Parisian name and a charming interior:

But look up. On the ceilings, huge creepie-crawlies scuttle and poppie flowers bloom across the ceiling in one of the city’s most striking and unusual wall murals :

The food is good too.

Other interesting things in Ebisu; an English used book shop, the best Thai restaurant in town (Mai Thai), a playground with a giant concrete octopus, the cafe with the huge bronze tortoise sculpture, a (bad) Tibetan restaurant in a glass dome, the Nazca lines building (below), a charming shrine in a shady square surrounded by bars and boutiques, the pork BBQ restaurant decorated with pictures of pigs abducting and eating humans, and the landmark red-nosed “Hinomaru driving school” by the train tracks (also below).




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