Great underappreciated Tokyo landmarks

24 07 2008

A Buddhist sect’s black-pyramid-deathstar Cult Headquarters in Roppongi

Strawberry House in Den-en-chofu. There is a Hello Kitty gift shop inside.

Primitivist-shipping-crate boutique by Brazilian designer Alexandre Hercovitch, in Daikanyama.

Cyborg-facade karaoke parlors in Roppongi and Shinjuku

Yoyogi Uehara; the impressive Turkish mosque

New Cocoon Building, West Shinjuku

King Kong storming a convenience store (for some reason) in inner suburb Sangenjaya

Shonandai Cultural Centre. And this is what it looks like inside:

Mikimoto Pearls, Ginza

Takadanobaba Gothic

Aoyamadori – United Nations University’s ziggurat, and alien pod buildings

Shinjuku; castle in the sky floating above the traffic of Yasukuni-dori



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10 07 2009

The building in the first photograph is the headquarters of a new religion, but the cult in question is Reiyukai (the closest station to the building is Kamiyacho). Soka Gakkai’s HQ can be found near Shinanomachi Station.

29 12 2015
An architectural safari: the bizarre world of Von Jour Caux | ilbonito blog 2007

[…] from the metabolist movement which dreamed of utilitarian machines for living to these bizarre architectural follies in the shape of giant strawberries and death-like cult pyramids. But nothing in Tokyo is more […]

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