Great underappreciated Tokyo landmarks

24 07 2008

A Buddhist sect’s black-pyramid-deathstar Cult Headquarters in Roppongi

Strawberry House in Den-en-chofu. There is a Hello Kitty gift shop inside.

Primitivist-shipping-crate boutique by Brazilian designer Alexandre Hercovitch, in Daikanyama.

Cyborg-facade karaoke parlors in Roppongi and Shinjuku

Yoyogi Uehara; the impressive Turkish mosque

New Cocoon Building, West Shinjuku

King Kong storming a convenience store (for some reason) in inner suburb Sangenjaya

Shonandai Cultural Centre. And this is what it looks like inside:

Mikimoto Pearls, Ginza

Takadanobaba Gothic

Aoyamadori – United Nations University’s ziggurat, and alien pod buildings

Shinjuku; castle in the sky floating above the traffic of Yasukuni-dori



One response

10 07 2009

The building in the first photograph is the headquarters of a new religion, but the cult in question is Reiyukai (the closest station to the building is Kamiyacho). Soka Gakkai’s HQ can be found near Shinanomachi Station.

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