Girls and boys

25 07 2010

Last Saturday night I went to “Danceteria”, the new occasional dance party hosted by the DJs from “Eat Your Makeup” , Leather Locklear and Whiskey Houston.  It is held – hilariously – in the old Centrelink Office (the government unemployment office) on Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Much like the Orlando party I had really enjoyed the month before, it was a heavily lesbian affair (maybe 70% female), with a mix of uber-casual and uber-stylish punters, cheap drinks and a general fuck-it-lets-have-fun vibe. My kind of party.

The highlight of the night was a performance by a group of amusingly unco-ordinated lycra-clad “aerobics” dancers, and the horny women in the audience who screamed and clawed at them.

Meanwhile, here are the promo pics for the down and dirty male-only “Trough X” party:


Of course the big news this past weekend in gay nightlife was that Kylie was back in town, and the rumour spread – as it always does – that she would be making a surprise appearance at one of the city’s gay clubs. People have been saying this for the last twenty years whenever she is in Melbourne, and to my knowledge it has only ever happened twice. Nevertheless, Love Machine was careful to advertise an “All The Lovers” themed party this Sunday to entice the punters (and maybe La Minogue). As far as I know though, she stayed diligently out of sight.




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26 07 2010
Teleesheah Sunrise

Those hot lycra clad babes are called The Real Hot Bitches

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