The Daytripper and the Casanova

4 04 2011

Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba are the second pair of Sao Paulo twins to make it big recently. In fact after reading about them, I somehow got them confused with the grafitti duo “Os Gemeos” (literally ‘the twins”) whose work adorns walls all over Sao Paulo and now sells in galleries for $40,000 a piece.

The Moon/Ba twins though create a different kind of art: comic books. Or graphic novels, if you prefer.

The pair’s two offerings to date “Daytripper” and “Casanova” have been richly acclaimed for their bittersweet stories and fantastical plotlines. I am yet to read them. Anyone know where to get hold of a copy in Hong Kong?




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8 04 2011

i brought a copy of daytripper from Germany … it’s really tearjerking good … when I come to HKG (for real) around the 23rd I’ll bring it along.

12 01 2015
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4 05 2016
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