For Tokyo Lovers

5 06 2011

I recently saw this book “Tokyo on foot” in a Hong Kong bookstore. As soon as I get a more stable income, I am going to buy it. It is a book of illustrations by a French graphic designer. Florence Chavouet  lived in Tokyo for six months while his girlfriend interned in one of the city’s big hotels.

In a big, exciting city with nothing concrete to do all day ( I can relate) he ended up wandering around and drawing sketches of “his” Tokyo.

The book is really evocative of Japan. For anyone who has spent time in Tokyo, the illustrations will probably strike a chord. But for me particularly it was really amazing to be able to pick out individual buildings  – in the biggest city in the world – which I knew, time and time again.

I know where this is:

(That rickety old house on Shibuya’s “Cat Street”).

And I know where this is:

(In Shinjuku Nichome. Elsewhere he sketches the really quaint little restaurant on the same street that goes to Word Up bar.)

There are also lamposts I recognised from Daikanyama, maps of Okubo – one of my favorite old stomping grounds – and those typical suburban streets – neat and cluttered at the same time –  that define Japan


It is a really cute book.

Check out the artist’s charming website here.



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