Bangkok: hot spots

23 07 2011

I had been really excited to take a look at “Clouds,” the hot new bar in Thonglor, a neighborhood which is full of vogueish designer bars.  This one was still pretty special though. Opened by the same owner as the wonderful “Iron Fairies” (three minutes away across the road), “Clouds” has the same eccentricity but takes it to a very different place. Whereas Iron Fairies is a kind of steampunk speakeasy, “Clouds”  has a shimmering sci-fi feel. It was apparently inspired by a 1972 movie about a spaceship ‘ark” carrying the last plant life in the universe through outer space. So at Clouds you get a gnarled, living banyan tree in a glass case, leaves pressed under the perspex tabletops and dead roses bobbing gently on undulating wires from the ceiling. The music and the drinks were both excellent too. When Daisuke and I were there they were also hosting a mini-exhibition of the new book “Sacred Skin” about the ‘magic’ of Thai tattoos.


Blue door is one of my new favourite BKK spots; a beautifully decorated bookshop and cafe in the charmingly lowkey Ekkamai 10 shopping mall, home to the Smallroom indie record label and their “house” bar Happy Mondays. You can look out at the huge tropical tree in the carpark, flick through pretty (Thai language) books and of course enjoy the food which is great and Thai(although served in small and pricey portions). Still, I would be more than willing to go back.

Located in suburban Lad Phrao there is a cool new bar with a difference.  It took me two attempts and three different taxi drivers to find it, but it was worth the effort. The bar is in what was formerly the garage for the Bandido’s biker gang.  “Motorcyle Emptiness” has now been converted into a breezy indie rock/heavy/ lo fi club (the name is a clue: its a Manic Street Preachers song). The place is decorated with vintage furniture, bikie banners, a floor than quakes scarily when you walk over it, blood red walls, a corrugated iron ceiling and Dracula chandeliers – kind of’Fangtasia-goes-to-the-Talaad-Rot-Fai’ . I loved it.

From one extreme to the other, I also checked out the pristine white Agalico tearoom on Thonglor 51; as prim as Bangkok gets with its all white interior and fresh teas sipped in the garden out the back.



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