18 01 2012

Brazil’s World Cup may be around the corner but the country has already been kicking lots of goals, from saving the Amazon , to slashing its crime rate (murders have halved in Sao Paulo in five years). Last week the country also reached another milestone – it (quietly) surpassed the UK as the world’s sixth-largest economy.

While the country’s economic boom has pushed the ‘real’ to parity with the US dollar and lifted millions of out of poverty, the biggest winners, as always, have been the rich. Brazil’s recent economic progress is creating 19 new millionaires each day. And with Rio Fashion Week on right now, what better time to get acquainted with the bossa nova riche?

New television series “Mulheres Ricas (rich women)” promises just that. The show started this month and has stirred up plenty of criticism for its fawning footage of incredibly wealthy gal pals (one called “Brunete”) . It is the Real Housewives of Leblon.

In this episode, one millionairess inspects a new private jet. “Is just like buying a new top,” she says.



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