The Tokyo Incident – over.

18 01 2012

Tokyo Jihen (the Tokyo Incident) have announced that they will disband. This is good news because it means that vocalist Shiina Ringo will be free to pursue her infinitely more exciting solo career. Although the band had its moments, and undoubed visual flair, it was frustrating to see one of the great stylists of Japanese music floundering behind a wall of bog-standard J-rock.

Sometimes a little bit of ego does not go astray. The Tokyo Incidents are dead, long live the queen!

She looks amazing here.




4 responses

19 01 2012
No Uta

Lame. Tokyo Jihen was far superior than anything Ringo did in her solo career. They are far more than “bog-standard J-rock”. But hey, at least you can resume your love affair with Ringo.

21 01 2012

Each to their own. To me the KSK album will always be her peak…

30 01 2012

Ringo’s voice was always the appeal for me whether she was doing it solo or not.

31 01 2012

Hey Jon 😉 How are you these days?

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