We love Kyary!

18 01 2012

Kyarypamyupamyu was last year’s breakout star on the Japanese music scene. She had it all (except a great voice). But what J-pop star needs that when she has a past incarnation as a fashion model for Kera! magazine (one of my old favourites), cuteness, Harajuku fashion connections and great quotes (“I’m interested in exaggerating things. I’ll be trying on wigs and I’ll get interested in seeing what it would look like if I just put them all on at once”?) Plus an arsenal of demented electro-pop nursery rhymes. Her trippy first video for Pon Pon captured interest worldwide (and was one of my favourites of the year). The video for new single “Tsukematsukeru” has just been released with a video featuring Kyary as an Alice in Wonderland-esque Queen of hearts, breakdancing lions and what sounds like a bagpipe breakdown. But I actually prefer the B-side, titled “Kyaryanan”:

While it is hard to see Kyary’s odd brand of pop winning over the West, at least one star has been brave enough to give it a go. Fresh from her collaborations with Verbal, and before that Towa Tei, Kylie Minogue asked Kyary’s producer Yasutaka Nakata (also the man behind Japanese girl group Perfume) to remix “Get Outta My Way”. Here is the result:




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6 06 2012
Sea of Ether: Oriental Chic « ilbonito blog 2007

[…] Sea of ether is one of my favourite new blog stops; a compendium of cute – but never cloying – Asian fashion and photography. Come here for (elegant) pictures of cute baby animals, Japanese “it” fash mag ‘it’ girls and a sprinkling of Korean pop stars and glamorous Chinese supermodels. Gloomy (now late) waif Kim Daul, the gorgeous Kiko Mizuhara and R&B singer Miliyah (above, in the Barbies hat) are staples as is – no surprise – Kyary. […]

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