The ghosts of airports past

5 02 2012

Bangkok is full of bizarre, occult sites – strange temples with unexpected caves or pits of snapping crocodiles, or bizarre statues (golden David Beckham, Teenage Mutant Turtles in Hell…)

This blog has already explored the sites of Bangkok’s infamous hauntings, from the body snatcher temples to suburban homes of the damned. But it is not only creepy old mansions and ancient temples that have resident spirits. So does gleaming new Suvarnabhumi airport. Yes, even as you touch down in Thailand the weirdness begins.

Construction of the airport was holted after myserious appearances by a blue-faced old man, called Poo Ming, spooked construction workers  in 2006 after crashes on the motorway leading up to the then-construction site. Veiled figures appeared around the airport – and vanished – and when ninety nine monks were called in for a purification ceremony one began speaking in tongues, announcing himself as Poo Ming, and demanding to be placated with a shrine of his own.

With Thailand’s four billion US dollar new showpiece for modernisation at risk, what was a little spirit house extra? The authorities agreed.

With a four a.m. flight and time to kill, I decided to go searching for the airport spirit at his home (next to the Airport Novotel, about ten minutes walk from the main terminal exit Gate Four).

Disappointingly, the shrine is a fairly conventional Buddhist structure. I had hoped for an image of the ghost himself, but the offerings and artwork at the temple seemed much like those at any other Thai temple. A nearby shrine though, at the Aviation Broadcasting Authority of Thailand, did feature this creepy waxwork monk (or is it??).

Still, it was nice to take one final walk through the tropical night, and breathe in the fragrant incense smoke one last time, before leaving the land of ghosts.




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