The mystery of the poodles’ diamonds: OR diamonds are forever but a dog is just for Christmas

22 03 2012

I saw an intriguing news item recently, all the more shocking because I was at its unlikely setting just two years ago: the Paris cats and dogs cemetery. I even took a photograph of the VERY GRAVE that concealed, little did I know, a now-stolen fortune (see my photo above)! Its like a particularly camp Tintin comic. If only I had thought to dig…

From the BBC:

Tipsy was buried in a marble tomb in the world’s oldest pet cemetery in a Paris suburb in 2003.

For years there were rumours the dog’s wealthy owners had buried treasure with it, but this had never been confirmed.

But police told AFP news agency that when the grave was desecrated earlier this month the collar, worth 9,000 euros (£7,500: $12,000), was stolen.

They said the grave in the cemetery in Asnieres-sur-Seine was vandalised on the night of 4 February, the tombstone pulled down and Tipsy’s skeleton left strewn over the ground.

The site is now surrounded by yellow police tape and the cemetery closed for repair work while police investigate.

The mayor of Asnieres, Sebastien Pietrasanta, said he was astonished the jewels had been buried with Tipsy, AFP reports. But he stressed: “Treasure is not hidden in the tombs of all the dogs and cats.”

I love that last, pre-emptive statement to head off a rush of diamond-seeking dog-grave robbers!

For more on my trip to the cemetery read here, “Where the Dead Things Are”.




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