Through the looking glass: the horny, heavenly world of Naomichi Okutsu

8 05 2012

Who does not love Japanese gay art? Its a parrallel universe of fun, liberation, romance and wish-fulfillment. Veering from the outlandishly super-sexual to cute and romantic images of handsome boyfriends hugging, the genre is much more diverse than many might expect. I am planning to feature a bit more of it on the blog in the next few weeks.

Naomichi Okutsu falls somewhere in between the two extremes of the spectrum. His wildly imaginative universe consists is strongly influenced by fellow artist Sadao Hasegawa. LIke Hasegawa, he favours butch samurai men, juxtaposed with elaborate floral motifs. But he takes it one step further with his traditional Japanese “rinpa” painting techniques on gold, and – this is the best bit – Alice in Wonderland references.

Naomichi is represented by Melbourne’s Japanese Gay Art gallery, one of the leading galleries in the world, having recently showed in Paris, Sydney and Tokyo. I will post some more of their art soon!




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