HK Art report

9 05 2012

As Hong Kong gears up to its money-raking international Art Fair, a number of interesting little exhibitions have popped up around the city. I hope to do the rounds this weekend.

The “Daydreaming” exhibition at Artistree Gallery, Taikoo Shing can already be crossed off the list. I dropped by during the week. (I virtually have to walk past it to get to my local supermarket, after all). The space is currently showing a collobration with James Lavelle, the chronically pretentious 1990s head honcho of Mo’Wax records, a formerly white-hot London ‘abstract hip hop’ label. The trip hop vogue wore off some time ago and the exhibition, frankly, was not overly exciting. It featuring a darkened room, some portentous music and various mostly-mediocre artworks by Hong Kong and visiting artists.

+55: Brazilian Art Now ( sooo cliche – insert country name here – Art Now) is another current showing. Named after the country calling code for Brazil, it will see artists from the country exhibiting at Wanchai Convention Centre at the Fabrik Gallery.

Beauty in Ruin, on show at the Identity Gallery in Sheung Wan is a study of buildings in decay, featuring illustrations by Kounosuke Kawakami.

But most interesting of all to me is Huang Cheng’s “Colossal Rat-Legitimacy” on show at the Wellington gallery on Hollywood Road. This promises to be an eerily realistic five-metre long silicone rat (not unlike Patricia Piccinini’s works in Australia) with traditional Chinese cupping on its back.




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9 05 2012

They’re all so beautiful!

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