Man arrested smuggling gold-plated baby foetuses out of Thailand

19 05 2012

Barely a week after the discovery of a bag full of humans skulls by a Bangkok canal – stolen for use in black magic -comes another macabre bust. A man has been arrested with six gold-plated human foetuses. The man had purchased the roasted dead baby foetuses, known in Thai as “khumarn tong” and believed to possess incredibly strong powers to control peoples’ minds. They were plated in gold – whether to disguise them or as part of the ritual is unclear. The man told police he had paid US $6500 for the dead babies and was planning on taking them to Taiwan to sell on the internet.

It is not clear at this stage where the bodies originally came from.

Such cases are not unusual in Thailand, where dead foetuses are widely considered to be powerful talismans.




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24 05 2012
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2 06 2012
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22 08 2012
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