Rainbow flag

31 05 2012

The start of June means (in the Northern hemisphere) the start of summer-lovin’ gay pride festivals. And the first of the season’s is in Tel Aviv. The party begins, I believe, tonight with a special edition of the gay Middle Eastern night Arisa dedicated to Yemeni music. Organizer Eliad Cohen also has a new party on next weekend to mark the climax of the festival. Its called Papa, seemingly a riff on Melbourne’s DILF concept.

Also celebrating gayness with an interesting cultural tinge is Thai magazine Degree, whose facebook page has recently become one of my favourite internet stop-off points. The magazine has been running a special series in keeping with the ancient Thai custom of Indian origin that assigns each day of the week with a symbolic colour.

For example on Monday it is lucky to wear yellow, or make yellow-coloured offerings to the gods (and it has also come to symbolise the King, born on a Monday). Pink is the holy colour of Tuesday and green should be worn on Wednesday…

Remnants of this ancient astrological belief can also be found in other Hindu-influenced societies in Java, Cambodia…and in Degree’s beefcake shots which feature hot models in appropriately coloured underwear, every day of the week from Monday:

To pink Tuesdays (with Australia’s own Daniel Garofali):

And Mr Wednesday in green:

Tomorrow’s colour is “light blue”.




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