My Melbourne: Sonido

19 07 2012

Melbourne has so many great cafes, with more springing up all the time. Everyone has their favourites, and it would be almost impossible to visit them all. My favourite is Sonido, a Colombian cafe on Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street selling arrepas con huevo and traditional Andean hot chocolate as well as the juices of unusual Amazon fruits (like the ‘mora’ and the ‘lulo’ ) in an atmosphere best descibed as homey-tropical-kitsch. The music and the staff are all Colombian. It is pretty much the cutest little place I can imagine.




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19 07 2012

lol true story. so i read you blog and for some strange reason, i told Andre that ilbonito found an SA (south african) cafe ….when we got there, mr grumpy wasn’t impressed and no food was served because we got there too late. we ended up going to Maccas.

20 07 2012

oh what a downer. There is a cool South African store at Queen Vic market, have you been there? Its quite expensive, but sells cool homewares made in the townships from like, recycled coke cans and stuff.

21 07 2012

never been but will check it out for sure. we go to the South African Shop in Caulfield South usually. Come with us next time will ya? =)

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