Melbourne Japanese

22 07 2012

My Melbourne these days is surprisingly Japanese, or at least it was on this trip. My friends Hiro and Maiko came down (from Sydney and Tokyo, respectively) and I caught up with Keita, Hitomi and some other Oz friends that I know from back in Japan.

I wanted to try an izakaya called Maedaya, above, on Bridge Road for its funky rope interior but unfortunately the food, though OK, did not match the decoration. I think its more a drinking place really – the selection of sakes, umeshu and shochus was pretty impressive.

I also paid a visit to the Japanese bathhouse in Collingwood, with its restful tatami rooms, and real, very-Japanese feeling piping hot communal tub ( complete with numerous, very un-Japanese signs, warning against any “innappropriate behaviour”.)


I wanted to go to Daiso too to buy some Gatsby Ice wipes for sticky Southeast Asia, but I didn’t have the time.




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22 07 2012

hey you, yes you! stop touching yourself, no masturbating here. =P

6 08 2014
Boyfriend touches down | ilbonito blog 2007

[…] with cheese, to Vodka Borscht and Tears where we drank absinthe with my brother and to the Japanese bath house for a relaxing steam. On another night we went to my mum’s house to cook. For the family […]

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