Tiajew cemetery – singing to the dead

11 08 2012

Just a ten minute walk from JAM! through the winding backstreets of a Chinese-Muslim-Thai neighbourhood sits one of the city’s most bizarre public parks. It is the former Tiajew Chinese cemetery, now converted into a public recreation space – but the graves have not been removed! In addition to laying wreathes and burning incense, the park is a popular place to jog, park motorbikes, work out in the openair gym and my favourite – do karaoke! Karaoke machines are kept in green locker-like structures along the pathways and in the evenings they become popular spots for a bit of singing among the graves – all with an interesting view of the cemetery markers, big tropical trees and city skyline in the background.




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2 10 2012

Hello, can you please give an address or directions how to go there?

2 10 2012

Search for my other post on JAM! Cafe. There is a map from surasak station to the cafe and the park is about 10 minutes past that. You can ask at JAM! For directions ( they speak English). Enjoy!

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