Motion of the Ocean

16 08 2012

I have fallen in love with Frank Ocean. With the same breathtaking rapidity with which the world found itself, unexpectedly, with a black US president (remember when we all said “not in our lifetime?”), we now have  a dude-loving dude R&B star with a US no.2 album and a solid foundation in hip hop.

Great though he is on a symbolic level, his music is also fantastic. Debut album “Channel Orange” is awash with crazy, hazy, psychedelic jams, cute and overtly gay love ditties, great vocals and wild talent.The songs twist and turn, never quite going where you expect, and eschew (for the most part) big choruses and obvious hooks – but they get you anyway. Straight away.

He is such an interesting lyricist too – repeating random phrases over and over, and then dropping in something wildly perceptive.  I love the whole package.




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