Sexiest Olympics ever

16 08 2012

I totally missed the start of these Olympics. I was sipping beer in the dark of a hostel in a rainy, blacked-out Yangon and frankly had more than enough to keep me occupied without a sports broadcast. By the time I got back to Hong Kong the games were winding up, and I missed the Closing Ceremony too, aired here at 3.50 am (although a friend sent me a link to part of it later, shown below).

The thing that has really struck me about these games is how sexualised they have been. Maybe its just the gay circles I move in (no wait, I moved in even gayer circles before…) but I have never seen so much media discussion on the comparative “hotness” of various athletes. Every gay social media outlet and website seemed fixated on the topic for weeks, and even the mainstream “straight” media got in on the act, spurred on by the leaking of gymnast Dannel Levya’s ‘sexting’ shots, of which this is the tamest:

Admittedly, these were pretty hot – although even they were blown out of the water by US gold-winning medal wrestler Jordan Burroughs, in the fuse-blowing pic above.

Still, I don’t remember this being such a focus in Sydney or Beijing. Is it a product of the social media age? Regardless, I have to say my interest has been piqued for Rio 2016!




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