Southern stars: A whole new constellation

16 08 2012

Australia’s homegrown entertainment industry is often ridiculed for its blandly Anglo-Saxon casting. While in many ways the country has become one of the most successful multicultural societies, its TV, film and fashion sectors have been mystifyingly slow to catch on. As a result there is now a hot new Aussie export, curvaceous multi-culti models who find more opportunities for themselves overseas. Following in the footsteps of Sydneysider Shiori Kutsuna in Japan, Tibetan Aussie Dichen Lachman in LA and Peruvian-Argentinian-Australian Nathalie Kelly from “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift” comes:

Cleopatra Coleman, the hot black DJ in the current, wildly enjoyable “Step Up Revolution” (and she even gets to keep her Aussie twang).

Jessica Gomes, a Perth model of Singaporean-Portuguese descent who is currently a huge star in Korea, and Shanina Shaik (below), the Saudi-Pakistani-Lithuanian girlfriend of one of the world’s most lusted-after men, Tyson Beckford.

Go Aussie, go!




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