Weekend report

2 09 2012

After an ass-kicking week of late nights at the office, I had been looking forward to the weekend and not least the “junk party” on Saturday for my friend K’s birthday. It was my first junk party – an institution widely regarded as one of the greatest perks of Hong Kong expat life (are they as popular with locals?) During the Summer the piers are busy with hired pleasurecraft, loaded with alcohol and taking revellers off to splash at the outlying islands and beaches away from the busy and polluted harbour.

We passed through the rocky,craggy cliffs into a really choppy sea and then turned back into Clearwater Bay, backed by lush green hills and million dollar mansions to ride on banana boats, swim in the sea and shelter from the occassional squalls blowing in off the ocean. It was a great day.

This party had a “Cowboys and Indians” theme (see D above). I think that personally I had the best costume (ha!)  – I interpreted “Indian” to mean bhindi, shimmering wedding bracelets, a fake jasmine necklace and my Burmese longyi sarong.

Rockin’ 🙂




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7 09 2012


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