Voodoohop’s dark rainbow magic

15 09 2012


Voodoohop is an amazing-sounding Sao Paulo party. Freshly returned from their “EuroMAcumba” (macumba being black magic) tour of Germany and France, the party is gearing up for a new set of events in the South American city. Its modus operandi is secret-location flash raves and art gatherings on freeways (the Minhocao) and in the slightly scary areas of the old downtown.


The party’s aesthetic is bright, brash, modern-day-primitive-tropicalist-hippie-electro abranavista and its sound is equally enticing. You can download some of their DJ setlists from Soundloud via the group’s suitable anarchic website.


The Google autotranslate of the site’s Portuguese text adds to the allure further with oddly disjointed descriptions like: “In a central district of the city, we will take the shed off of a plant tissue, with two celebrations in one (Cosmic & Voodoohop) and later participation of Backyard Muamba with a fair bazaar / fair exchange. Activities refreshing on the street: graffiti in neighboring bath hose, space sounds, beer and iced tea! From 19h The party starts at the factory! with intergalactic sounds on the track and knits adorn”




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