New Causeway Bay coffee

24 09 2012

Hong Kong is not overly-endowed with pleasant cafes – as I have railed against on the blog in the past. But now joining 18 Grams, the Corridor Cafe and on again/off again After School Cafe in Causeway Bay is one other ‘possibility’ Unlike the others, Coffee Academics is part of a chain, backed by the Habitu group, a slightly ritzy, overpriced string of coffee-and-cake joints across Hong Kong. Coffee Academics is one step up again, a ‘premium’ flagship complete with chandelier, (endangered)antelope head on the wall, hammocked terrace, and dapper, vaguely S&Mish aprons for the faggy waitstaff.

It has only just opened on the rather grimy Yiu Wa Street behind Times Square, but on the day I went there were no seats free. I had to get my coffee (25% more than a Starbucks coffee) to take away.




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24 02 2013
Causeway Bay coffee palace | ilbonito blog 2007

[…] that has been sorely lacking in bustling Causeway Bay despite the recent opening of “Coffee Academics‘ (which looks great though the menu and service are meh) and the cuter, more Melbourne-like […]

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