Hong Kong vs Taipei Gay

29 09 2012

Hong Kong has launched its annual “Pink Season”, a diluted, low profile and overlong (two months)  ‘celebration’ of the gay presence in the city. The event is to include some woeful-sounding community theatre, the city’s tiny Pride parade and the “climactic” Mr Gay Hong Kong event which has somehow become the city’s highest profile homo celebration by far.

The organisers did commission a survey which came up with some interesting data though. For example, 80% of Hong Kongers who identified themselves as heterosexual said they did not know a single gay person – a stark reminder of how closeted most of the city still is.

Another figure, as reported in the South China Morning Post, claimed that 18% of “gay” respondents earned more than 50,000 HKD per month as compared with 4% in the general population. Personally I think this is because lower-income (and lower-educated) people are less likely for cultural reasons to identify as gay. Also I find it astonishing that so few people in Hong Kong earn above that income threshold. I’m not far off. Its hard to believe that that would place me in the top 4% of what is a very ostentatious, and seemingly super-wealthy, city.

Meanwhile, Taiwan is gearing up for its annual Pride Week (which I will this year be attending). Last year it drew tens of thousands of people and was addressed in person by the country’s President, during a public conversation in the country’s media and parliament on legalising gay marriage (since sadly defeated).

I went to buy tickets for the event’s opening party on the weekend at its Hong Kong vendor, a boutique called Spy by faggy Hong Kong designer Henry Lau. Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed the boutique with its clubby, casual wear and gratuitous publicity shots of buff bodies in branded underwear  (above)- Hong Kong’s most enjoyable gay oasis.




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1 10 2012

You might appreciate the TW-Aussie cafe ‘Wolloomooloo’ whle you are in Taipei. A good option for ‘the morning after the night before’!


Best to make a reservation on weekends, btw.

2 10 2012

Oh cheers! I’m really looking forward to the Taipei mini-break. Anything else cool to recommend?

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