Israel “pinkwashed”

20 10 2012

America’s biggest gay magazine is facing a backlash over its recent decision to devote an issue to promoting Israel as a homo-heaven.

This comes amid claims from Israel’s critics that the country is increasingly waving the rainbow flag in an attempt to curry favour in the West and “pinkwash” its treatment of Palestinians.

The latest issue of “Out”, featuring stud du jour Eliad Cohen and the photography of Kobi Israel, crows about the delights of sunny, sexy Tel Aviv.  I have to say, it is pretty persuasive.

But some critics are calling foul, pointing out that the extended piece was little more than an advertiorial paid for by Israeli authorities in a planned campaign to bolster the country’s international reputation. The piece was not flagged as a paid feature. More here.

The controversy echoes earlier complaints over this iconic image leaked by Israeli military authorities. It spread virally across the internet last year, and was widely lauded as a symbol of gay equality, until it was revealed that the photo had been staged and not only were the men pictured not a real couple, but one was heterosexual.




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