Chiang Mai style – MoRooms

27 12 2012

Daisuke and I stayed at the very “Chiang Mai” Mo Rooms – an arty design hotel located on the tourist strip of Tha Pae Road, Chiang Mai’s own Khao San Road.  Each room of the hotel is designed to reflect a different animal of the Chinese zodiac, with unfinished concrete, faux wooden furniture, decorative ironwork, potplants and bright little cushions giving it a charming, eccentric feel in the public areas – with a spare cocoon-like ‘Clockwork Orange’ quality in some of the rooms themselves.


There is a small (and cold) swimming pool, balconies that jut out at surprising angles and odd little corners with seats and glass windows to catch the sun, and a quaint upstairs dining area stocked full of Japanese manga comic books.

As the popular “Monkey room” (with its twisting wooden ‘branches’) was fully-booked, we stayed in the ” Dog room” with its dog-basket-like bed and bone-shaped lighting fixtures before upgrading for the last night to the Kubrick-like “Goat room” with its twisting tubular lamps, and glass window in the floor looking down at the pool below.




2 responses

29 12 2012
The Boys from Cherry Street

loving all of the poured concrete!

10 01 2013

very lovely! I so wanted to go to Chiang Mai

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