Back with a vengeance

19 01 2013

After what seemed to me a conspicuous absence of a few years, Taiwanese hottie and fashionista Chang Chen is suddenly back with a new movie (“Last Supper”, above) a role in Wong Kar Wai’s “The Grandmasters” (scroll down) and a rash of magazine covers – he has recently appeared in Hong Kong in Figaro, Cosmopolitan and Men’s Uno.

Its good to see him back, although he suffers the indignity (again!) of having his part in Wong Kar Wai’s movie almost edited out. As happened to him last time in 2046, his subplot was reportedly much reduced in the final cut. In each movie though, despite his minimal screen time, he has scored with a memorable cinematic image: in 2046 a single glistening tear falling as he spies on his lover being unfaithful through a hole in the ceiling, in “The Grandmasters” his bloody hand caressing a fur coat.




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