Meanwhile in the gay world: Calor/Caliente!

22 01 2013

In the classic British childrens’ story, Paddington Bear was from Peru. But now there is  a new and much sexier generation of South American bears. Bears are definitely “in” South of the border. Body hair – and beards – is all the rage in the Brazilian gay mags these days,a  seachange from a few years ago when I was there and it was all about baby-oiled pumped muscles on recent “Big Brother Brazil” rejects.  Recently though there has been a recent rash of sexy, bearish models hitting the newsstands of Rio and Sao Paulo in Brazil’s homegrown gay fashion/lifetyle magazines like “Junior” and “H” . For evidence, see model Marklon Barcaro (above), the newly bearded Marcos Viera (with a devilish twinkle in his eyes, below) and Fabricio Ternes, down again.

But the best illustration of this trend must be this recent ‘fashion’ spread in Junior featuring the luxuriantly-bearded model Bruno Fernandes:

And the Hispanic world has not been left out of this machismo-revival either, with testosterone-pumping gay magazine CHONGO! out of Buenos Aires, Mexico and Madrid taking a similar approach:

Long live the Latin bear!




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