A Chinatown tale…

8 07 2013

A story I was reminded of over lunch in Chinatown, by the interesting Thai writer SP Somtow.

The whole short story can be read on his website here.

Here is a taster:


At the heart of Bangkok's Chinatown, in the district known as Yaowaraj, 

there is a restaurant called the Rainbow Cafe which, every Wednesday, 

features a blue plate special they call dragon's fin soup.  Though little 

known through most of its hundred-year existence, the cafe enjoyed a 

brief flirtation with fame during the early 1990s because of an article in 

the Bangkok Post extolling the virtues of the specialite de la maison.  The 

article was written by the enigmatic Ueng-Ang Thalay, whose true 

identity few had ever guessed.  It was only I and a few close friends who 

knew that Ueng-Ang was actually a Chestertonian American named Bob 

Halliday, ex-concert pianist and Washington Post book critic, who had fled 

the mundane madness of the western world for the more fantastical, 

cutting-edge madness of the Orient.  It was only in Bangkok, the bastard 

daughter of feudalism and futurism, that Bob had finally been able to be 

himself, though what himself was, he alone seemed to know.

But we were speaking of the dragon's fin soup...



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