RIP Mamafaka

9 09 2013

Rest in peace, Mamafaka.  The Thai street artist with the tongue-in-cheek moniker and Bangkok B-boy fashion flair had been featured extensively on this blog, for example his street art for the Bukruk festival and his burgeoning fashion presence.  Mamafaka’s work encapsulated a certain young Bangkok sensibility: colourful, cute, streetwise and playful, like his skateboarding cyclops character, the popular Mr Hellyeah! Its sad to see him pass so early.

The thirty five year old artist died in a freak surfing accident in Phuket yesterday.





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9 09 2013

R.I.P. Mamafaka

6 02 2014
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[…] art legacy recently took a direct hit though. A landmark mural by now-deceased street art star Mamafaka was painted over last week by a rival grafitti crew, in a act which has sparked a street war of […]

20 07 2014
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[…] imitation of the tradmark moutachioed cyclops figure of (sadly deceased) Bangkok street artist Mamafaka. I was all ready to storm in and demand an explanation, when I noticed the artist’s signature […]

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