Out and about

27 12 2013

I didn’t have time to check out many new places in Melbourne, and with the timing (the Xmas/New year break) a lot of the smaller, funkier places had already shut up shop.  My favourite cafe Sonido was closed,as was Kinfolk. I also missed out on the new incarnation of Discobeans, a Japanese vegan restaurant/art space set up by a singer in an ex-Osaka noise band and recently moved to the working class Greek/Italian suburb of Preston.

I didn’t have time for Shebeen, a bar inspired by the South African townships that sells beers from around the Third World in recycled-furniture surrounds, but I did manage to drop by the Asian Beer Cafe after being assured there was a hot Asian bear bartender (there was.) Unfortunately though, the place itself creeped me out with its heavy security and overly heterosexual meat market vibe.

I did have some nicer experiences though. I drank on the rooftop of the Curtin Building, had currently popular Korean fried chicken in a newly sprouted all-Korean laneway off Lonsdale Street and discovered a branch of the Japanese family restaurant ‘Pepper Lunch’ on Elizabeth Street, (much to my excitement.)

A friend also took me to the nearby Tropicana – a juice bar that has been there for everrrrr, but which I had never ventured into despite the bright walls covered with bags of oranges.  Inside, the Thai staff mixed Amazonian-inspired juices to Latin Christmas music.

A faux-store installation/photo booth in the back room of Third Drawer Down.

The biggest surprise though (disappointment? validation?) was finding my tiger backapack on sale in Melbourne!! They had them at Third Drawer Down, a hip homewares store off Gertrude Street – I was sure I was going to be the only person in town with one, but guess not…




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