Goodbye 2014 : the year in review

16 12 2014

And, its over. Well almost. Goodbye 2014! Its been a great year for me – enriching and fulfilled. It was the year I learnt to SCUBA dive and cook (well, a little) and hiked around remote islands and countryside peaks. I got back into running and my boyfriend did a triathlon. It was a year of trips – to Indonesia and Taiwan, back to Australia and then to Thailand again.

It was a year of lazy Saturday mornings, tasty homemade breakfasts and checking out the nascent Hong Kong cafe scene. I watched great movies (so many of them) and returned to books, reading more voraciously than I have in ages.

I pretty much stopped going to clubs. I turned domestic.

Work was smooth. The city was in turmoil.

Friends visited me in Hong Kong, I visited friends in Melbourne and some great friends left.

It was a year in which I felt older and calmer and happier than before.

So thank you, 2014.






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