Bangkok surprise #2: Crash landing

4 01 2015

Also in the northern suburbs, this time Ramkhamhaeng, sits the tattered remains of two aeroplanes, one a full fledged  – though now wingless –  747 and the other a smaller model. They sit on an empty lot, mysteriously abandoned and covered in grafitti. Where did they come from? Why were they left there? I had heard that you could climb inside and take pictures of yourself in the cockpit – and the doors were indeed wide open – but when I approached a homeless-looking woman started yelling at me from some long grass where she was sitting with a mean-looking dog, so I beat a hasty retreat.

Bizarrely though, these are not the only stray ruined aircraft scattered around the city. When searching for directions to this site on the internet (it is by a canal, 200 metres east of the entrance to Ramkhamhaeng Soi 101,) I read that there are two other decommissioned jets lying abandoned on patches of wasteland around the city too. In fact I remember passing one, smaller than the Ramkham 747 but in a better state of repair. It was being used as the backdrop to a beergarden around (if my memory serves me) Ram Inthra 77.




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19 04 2017
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[…] of Dax Ward, who has documented the ruins of Bangkok’s ghost skyscrapers, train and aeroplane graveyards and sites like this abandoned Cape Crusader-themed nightclub on Pattaya’s ‘Soi […]

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