China, Japan, Hong Kong … and Iran.

8 06 2015

A retrospective of Guangzhou artist Chao Shao-an at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha-tin.

There is also a show of young local artists on there called “Walking Through the Dreams” featuring a series of ‘dreamlike’ vignettes – a motorcycle tethered by spiderweb like-cords in a darkened room apparently racing through a tunnel on the screen in front of it, a maze-like house of double-sided mirrors and refracted scenes and a thicket of twigs and pulsating coloured lights.

Meanwhile, back on Hong Kong island, the Yoshitomo Nara show is still on at the beautiful but little visited Asia Society building in Admiralty, with its dramatic building perched on a tumbling hilltop of lush green forest.

Also on: this thought-provoking set-within-a-car Iranian movie, Taxi. It is much sweeter than this clip shows. There is an undercurrent of politics yes,but also a great, big beating humanist heart and a sense of humour.




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