Goodbye 2015

20 12 2015

Another year has come almost to its end. 2015 was unremittingly positive for me, a year of consolidation and growth. Work was manageable and I was able to channel a lot of my energy into getting fit. I started to run seriously and surprisingly, this seemed to be the key to finally giving myself over to Hong Kong and appreciating its pleasures. I always used to say somewhat bitterly that if I left Hong Kong tomorrow there would be nothing I would miss, but that is not true anymore. The jog along the ridge of Pok Fu Lam, with the glistening Lamma strait littered with shipping, would be a view hard to top. The bike path along the river in Shatin. The cool forest paths leading up to the Peak.

2015 was also my 37th year and I found myself increasingly embracing the comfortable middle stage of life – the quiet pleasures of a good run, a nice meal (maybe even home cooked), a freshly brewed coffee at a hipster cafe, knitwear in neutral colours and a night on the couch with American Horror Story or Project Runway. My overseas trips were more weekends away at a nice hotel than month-long expeditions ( though wait, that’s not entirely true, I did backpack through Isaan and Laos too…)

Of course I still listened to music, read some great books, saw some great movies – but I didn’t feel defined by them anymore. At this point, I pretty much know who I am – and I’m enjoying the life I’ve got. And the people (person) I’m sharing it with.



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