7 02 2016


For the ten days of Chinese New Year, I had not made any travel plans. It was time, I thought, for a Hong Kong staycation. Time to sleep in and eat a long lazy breakfast (and a full bread basket) at Cafe Deadend. Time to clean the house: I took the rug up to the rooftop for its annual beating, polished my chandelier, and threw open the windows while the sun shone on the harbour down below. It was time to re-apply my santeria “money and protection” spray and listen to samba music.


That done, I went for a long run in the sun down to Kennedy Town and up again on Mt Davis Road, exploring the tangled ruins of an old fort by the Mediterranean-blue harbour, running on past opulent billionaires’ mansions and up staircases where birds chirped and Filipina helpers sang hymns from second-storey windows.

I watched movies with my boyfriend – terrible movies, “Amityville House Horror” and “Sharknado”, and “American Horror Story”. We tried the new Thai restaurant Mak Mak, with its upscale Landmark location and vegetarian menu, from the owners of Chachawan, (but decided we still liked Chachawan better), made fruit juices, shopped at M&S and had steamed fish and fried monkey’s head mushrooms and massages.


One day we went down for another walk/run to the old Wah Fu estate, where a waterfall falls into the sea. Huge tankers were gliding past in the Lamma Strait and porcelain images of Hindu gods sat in the shade of pine trees there, while a pair of pretty Indian girls posed on the rocks. Afterwards we ate noodles at a local cafe at the nearby housing estate shopping centre, straight out of the 60s.

It was the perfect, relaxing start to the new year.









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