The break

13 02 2016

As the Chinese New Year continued, Hong Kong basked under golden skies through four days of perfect public holidays. I hiked some more, from Quarry Bay to Stanley, through forests of birds singing and past the Tai Tam reservoir and a strange old stone bridge, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. At Stanley the sunlit blue seas lapped against the rocks.

Another day, at twilight, I watched fireworks over the harbour from Cecil’s Ride, somewhere above Tai Hang.


One afternoon a wild boar ran down the forested slope behind my house, as I watched the surreal spectacle, transfixed, from my twelfth floor bathroom window.

We watched movies: Gaspar Noe’s “Love” (shockingly boring), “The World of Suzie Wong”- great ( see below), “Carol” – gorgeous but somehow a little emotionally cold, and the CG spectacular of the new “Monkey King.”

Outside my contented bubble the world went on: in Mongkok a riot broke out, controversy swirled around Beyonce at the Superbowl and Mangueira triumphed at the sambadromo. Ripples in space-time were detected in outer space as two black holes collided and a new breakfast congee place opened in Melbourne called “Lawyers, guns and money.”

Meanwhile, my staycation goes on….





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