Strange beasts

3 03 2016


Bangkok this week was surprised by the sight of a roaring T-rex stuck in Sukhumvit traffic – it is to be a star attraction at a new robot-dinosaur park apparently about to open in the latest extension of the Emporium mall, on the former site of Washington Square, home to an entirely different species of dinosaur.

Meanwhile, Shanghai was being terrorised by its own mysterious beast, a stealthy web-footed carnivore leaving a trail of dead poultry in its wake.


I also came across this article on an unlikely intruder in Germany.




One response

5 04 2016
A different kind of dinosaur | ilbonito blog 2007

[…] But what was to replace them? In a twist surreal even by Bangkok’s comic book standards, the area has been redeveloped as a “Dinotopia” themepark of robotic reptiles on a fake volcano, clearly visible as you glide by on the Skytrain. Its mind boggling. The park opened this month, preceded by a cunning PR stunt which involved driving a roaring T-rex down Sukhumvit. […]

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