HK bobo – Sunday so not boring

7 03 2016


Bourgeouis-bohemian. We split Sunday between these two extremes. First, it was the  pretty Uchi Cafe, a “Taiwan style” Japanese restaurant, with tatami seats, colourful art work and delicious chestnut waffles located incongrously in the new Double Cove housing development in the suburb of Ma On Shan, amid gardens filled with artworks and crowds of real estate spruikers thrusting apartment flyers at the passing crowd.


Later, after a nap, we delved back into the city’s grittier inner city side with a stop at the fruit market in Yau Ma Tei, bustling with vendors in the early Spring evening humidity and flashing with coloured lights.


From there we met friends at So Boring and spent a long, lazy evening at a rickety table on mismatched stools, talking, peeling oranges, soaking in the atmosphere amid the fruit crates under the freeway bridge. An interesting “street store” was taking place – a free “market” where people were encouraged to take pastries or clothes for free (we saw a Miu Miu T shirt there). There was also a book swap, a fortune teller, loud groups of sweary university students sinking 7-11 beers, homeless people and yuppies walking dogs. This little corner really has become one of Hong Kong’s most interesting corners and we discovered another secretive little haunt there which we will return to next weekend – all will be revealed then!




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