13 03 2016





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18 03 2016
Daniel Goh

Love your musings and photos.
I’ve asked many people, none have given me a good answer: Why do I find HK so charmless? You seem like you could give me a perfect answer. X

20 03 2016

HI there, and thanks. To be honest…I have often wondered the same thing, and yet I still can’t articulate an answer. Are you living here?

1 04 2016
Daniel Goh

Horrors no!
It’s just that (for work) I’ve been there often over the years; I also have friends there, Singaporeans who have made HK their home.
There’s some really good food there, but that’s about it,,, at least for me.
I tend to think it’s the people? Maybe it’s because HK is all about money and only money? Something as basic as not having a good bookstore?
I can’t even really articulate what it is I don’t like about HK! X

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