Kowloon underground: The other side

13 03 2016


While at So Boring last weekend, we stumbled onto another interesting and related enterprise in this intriguing little corner of Kowloon, tucked away behind the grimy Fruit Market, with its streets of Bangladeshi and Indonesian groceries, fixed biked stores and little social enterprises and freethinking collectives.

On the same corner as So Boring, painted black with a single red lantern and no name sign, we spotted a “members only” restaurant behind a half-closed door. The talkative owner explained that he runs a private kitchen restaurant where guests commit to paying a minimum of 100 HKD (and then whatever else their conscience prompts) to receive a “surprise” meal.

We, of course, decided to try it.

The dinner took place in an old nearby apartment, up a dark and scary staircase, in a room daubed with chalk art on concrete walls and a kitchen and bathroom on a semi-open terrace. The owner splits costs with tattooist: a woman sat in the corner receiving a hand-poked tattoo while we ate homecooked food and drank wine, played with a rescued pet cat (its whole family had been poisoned but it had survived and been adopted) and chatted with the owner about his dream for a more socially conscious and connected and less materialistic Hong Kong, the Umbrella Revolution, his belief in the Flat Earth Theory and aliens.

It was a great night, and truly another side to Hong Kong that you don’t see often.





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