The Lobster – five stars!

13 03 2016


The Lobster is one of those films that comes out of nowhere and knocks your socks off…an offbeat gem of a film. Its dark, its funny, its incredibly weird. The actors in it, from various European countries and ranging from big names (Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Lea Seydoux) to new-to-me (particularly Brit Olivia Colman) are all pitch-perfect. The cinematography is gorgeous and the classical score sumptuous. The dialogue has been replaying in my mind over the last few days since I saw it, making me chuckle to myself or wonder about various aspects of the film’s twisted, yet oddly recognisable, universe. Its also one of those films that its probably better to go into knowing as little as possible – I don’t want even want to show the trailer, but I will say – go and see it. I doubt there will be many films I like more this year.




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